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Take your Enterprise Content Management to the next level

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform puts your content where it’s needed most–at the fingertips of those who need it. Fast to deploy, highly scalable and fully integrated, this modern content services platform manages, protects and connects your most important information–putting content at its core, and at the heart of your digital transformation.

ALFRESCO Content Services (ECM)

Access content wherever and however you work with open, flexible, highly scalable enterprise content management

Alfresco Content Services provides open, flexible, highly scalable enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities with the added benefits of a content services platform — making content accessible wherever and however you work through easy integrations with the business applications you use every day.

Open, easy to integrate and extend

Built on an open source core with support for open standards and APIs, the Alfresco platform is easy to integrate and customize to meet your business needs.

  • Open, modular architecture and ReST APIs and SDKs allow you or an Alfresco partner to extend your Alfresco platform to meet business requirements.
  • The Alfresco Development Framework provides a wide range of highly configurable, reusable components that you can use to create modern, responsive web and mobile end-user applications.
  • Out-of-the-box support for leading productivity applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce.com and more.
  • A wide range of pre-built integrations and solutions from the vibrant Alfresco partner community, including SAP, AutoCAD and more.
Scalable, cloud-native architecture

Alfresco’s open and modular approach provides you with a scalable content services platform that can handle the growing volume of unstructured content and billions of documents, and a cloud native architecture that lets you take full advantage of content services.

  • Alfresco integrations let you meet application and compliance storage requirements with your cloud vendor of choice with connectors for Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier and Microsoft Azure.
  • Automatically enrich content and gain valuable insights with AI and natural language processing with AWS modules like Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Rekognition.
  • Flexible deployment options, including Docker and Kubernetes for fast and standardized deployments across all environments.
Enterprise search – performance at scale

Find the exact document you’re looking for quickly — whether you have thousands of files, or hundreds of millions of files in your document management system.

  • The Alfresco Query Accelerator features functional query sets to improve search performance at scale by querying properties and aspects of metadata across large volumes of information.
  • Powerful search features like instant search suggestions and filters let you retrieve relevant content faster.
  • Alfresco Federation Services offers an easy way to search and manage content across more than 60 world-leading business enterprise document management software applications (like Documentum, OpenText and IBM FileNet).
Enhance information governance

Alfresco Governance Services provide you the ability to simplify and reduce business risk while strengthening compliance. Automate your lifecycle management from capture through retention to final destruction, and remove the complexity of records management from users.

  • “Invisible information governance” approach allows records to be managed in the background as users continue to work.
  • Gain a framework to meet records management and open government compliance standards worldwide, including ISO 15489, ISO 16175, FOIA, U.S. DoD 5015.02 CH2 and CH3, EgovG and MoReq.
  • Easily add a layer of security with security classifications and marks.
Extend collaboration and user efficiency

Empower teams with dedicated project sites and rich collaboration tools and make it easy for them to work on documents together, share knowledge and stay in sync.

  • Native integrations into common cloud office suites like Microsoft 365 and Google Docs support real-time collaboration and document co-authoring with intuitive out-of-the-box experiences optimized for everyday tasks.
  • The Alfresco Digital Workspace increases productivity through quick, easy access to files and workplace items and lets you extend applications to meet specific user needs and enhance content management capabilities. Built on the Alfresco Developer Framework.
  • Alfresco Desktop Sync ensures content and governance policies are synchronized between Alfresco and user desktops, even when working offline.
  • Alfresco Mobile provides on-the-go, fast access to content and a seamless enterprise content management interface with intuitive controls designed for mobile devices.

Alfresco Process Services (BPM)

Open, Scalable & Agile Process Services

Alfresco Process Services (powered by Activiti) is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution targeted at business people and developers. At its core is a high performance open-source business process engine based on Activiti with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes. Alfresco Process Services provides a powerful suite of end user tools and integrates with a range of enterprise systems, including Alfresco Content Services, Box and Google Drive.

Ease of Process Definition Development & Deployment

Defining and adapting business processes is key to ensuring success in addressing the ever-changing business requirements. Alfresco Process Services provide a suite of user-friendly tools that make it easy to model, deploy and update critical business processes.

  • Graphical tools like the Step Editor guides business users to quickly and easily create new process models. BPM analyst can use the powerful BPMN Editor for advanced and powerful process modeling
  • Point and click Forms and Rules Editors make it easy to define and share process forms and decision tables across processes
  • Data integration makes it simple to access corporate information and update key business data as part of any process
Powerful Task & Case Management

Most BPM solutions are too rigid to allow users to adjust for non-routine situations, which results in slowing the flow of business. Alfresco Process Services enables:

  • Users to access all information, tasks, and documents to quickly and efficiently complete key business processes
  • Collaboration with users working as a team to complete tasks. Users can allocate tasks and subtasks to individuals, allowing users to address non-routine tasks
  • Group and individual tasks inboxes allow organizations to model processes to support a wide range of business scenarios

Empower your mobile workforce and delight customers. Alfresco Process Services’ native iOS and Android apps help you operate your business better than ever

  • Create tasks, get notifications and check the status of open cases
  • Start new processes and collaborate to resolve cases
  • Upload pictures, documents, or any other mobile content
Open, Easy to Integrate & Extend

Alfresco Process Services is built around an open source core, with support for open standards and modern development tools enabling easy extention to meet unique business needs.

  • Support for industry standards (such as BMPN 2.0, and DMN) allow process architects to easy migrate existing process to the Alfresco platform
  • Java-based process engine and support for open API’s makes integrating and extending effortless
  • A modern, REST-based, architecture makes Alfresco Process Services the platform of choice to orchestrate processes across multiple business applications
Addressing Process Compliance

For companies struggling to meet regulatory requirements, Alfresco Process Services provides the perfect platform to automate key processes and allows a company to strengthen it compliance with corporate processes and industry regulations.

  • Tight integration with Alfresco Content Services allows processes to drive compliance and records activity. For example: automatically declaring account open documents as records as part of a client on-boarding process
  • Automated document creation and declaration, with the ability to save process history, enables organizations to automate many of the time consuming activities associated with meeting strict compliance needs
  • Extensive integration with other line of business applications and content sharing systems (i.e. Box and Google Drive) enables Alfresco Process Services to capture casual content and put it under compliance control
Enterprise Scale & Robustness

Built on Activiti, an open source, Java based process engine, Alfresco Process Services provides a highly scalable platform to drive business processes across the entire enterprise.

  • Powerful process analytics provides tools to review, analyse and optimize processes to ensure that they are complete as efficiently as possible
  • Advanced architectural design allows Alfresco Process Services to grow and scale to meet your company’s needs
  • Advanced support for clustering of process engines provides a robust platform to ensure no system outage or application down time

What industry analysts

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

In an industry where strong leadership is essential, you can count on Hyland. For the twelfth year in a row, Hyland is a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Content Services Platforms, 2021

The Forrester Wave™

We have been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021. The independent research firm report recognized us for our cloud and innovation strategy — accelerated by recent acquisitions and a vertical focus.

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